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yincial Medical anc^urgical Journal,! and embracing the medical and moral
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there may be feeble respiration simply from diminished action, as in feeble or
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smaller tumours are hemispherical ; the larger are more
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gestive. Meningitic or hydrocephalic eclampsia is always preceded by the
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occurs. The cyst may rupture, discharge its contents into the al
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of expulsion she almost invariably desires to have something to
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pulmonary disease, with remarks, has been contributed by Dr. Macdonnell,
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bronchitis occurring in persons of robust habit, general bleeding may sometimes
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women it sometimes spreads also upward over the abdomen. In
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We conie, now, tp another question,— one I have already slightly alluded to, —
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individual granulomata may fail to erupt ; others may
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by peculiar red, or blue, or black, or white piebald
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are said to exhibit a certain amount of amn>boid movement,
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limb. Such a dressing has, however, the disadvantage of unneces-
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admitted. I think, that its exhalation from a solidified lung, without tne presence
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* An anti-l»f»okw()riii — as the nnkylostomo is calleii in Amerioa
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displaced bones to their proper position ; this is the administration
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1. On the Progress of Practical Biedicine, Pathology, and Tbarapeotics. By the
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therefore performed in a more satisfactory manner. Familiar
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The diagnosis in these cases is sometimes difficult ; but the duration and violence
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if the malignant carbuncle were to appear in a mild and chronic form — ^if we

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