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    «pon tbe abdominal organs and upon the blood, must be always carefully
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    seventh day. There was also reported from this asylum, by Dr. Stimson, in
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    Dr. Sims and others have noticed the oedema of the arm, resembling that of
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    15. In case of all of these diseases, remember \kvdX \\g. contagion
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    unnoticed by the woman herself, and may even escape the observ-
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    and mucous kind ; the latter affects the muscular, nervous, and filamentous tissues,
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    inside of her lips with her fingers, or thrusting them far back Into
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    longer than the worm it encloses ; su that that part of the sack
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    the inclined slip along the surface of the horizontal slip in a
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    brain alike is sleep. Early to bed and late to rise may be a judi-
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    the stilette is withdrawn. The drainage-tube is then
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    displaced uterus upon the rectum, or bladder, or trunks of the siffected nerves.
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    iMMctures of th<' i)oiies which connect the toes with the rest of
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    tinct species suggested itself to Sonsino and others,
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    arrival of a surgeon, even though a day or two must elapse, than
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    • Dr. Strachan haa described {Practitioner^ 1897, p. 477) a
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    Of these, the eldest person ate the least in consequence of a portion of his
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    and neighbours will not contract the disease, unless
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    influence in determining, to a certain extent, the type
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    by the attack of Dr. Burrows, that it may be said now to stand on a firmer basis
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    By a polyp of the womb we understand a tumor which projects
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    affected. They may enable us to decide that it is the seat of some morbid state,

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