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food. Constipation may be present in some instances,
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of malignant parmsite, the differences in length of cycle and
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of the retained bit of placenta be impracticable, we must only employ such
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+ Nicolle gave the name Leishmania infatitum to this variety
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cannot be traced to the action of moral influences, is very su^icious. We have
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I believe it has been generally given in a dose which is dimuiant, and therefore
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black. In the headacne that accompanies certain enlargements and other affec-
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to the sun, is called ** sun-stroke," or when the patient
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be found in these sad cases, there does not appear to be mat present pain. I
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of the organ. These two ends, therefore, remain somewhat mov-
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are to admit the destructive consequences of excessive indulgence
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Strachan states that he had seen two similar cases,
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without result. I then administered first arsen. iod. 3x, and soon
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being spread by the fingers in scratching or rubbing.
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One of the most common fractures of the fibula, is that which
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of the feet. Forms of chronic dermatitis on hands and feet are
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which so often accompany them. It is, fortunately, to be expected
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recurrence of the abscess — a not infrequent occurrence if no treat-
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hffimoglobiu value of the surviving corpuscles ; it
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contains considerable pieces of necrotic tissue. Occa-
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'• - much used in „e I a ;;""„'" '--- "-e,, a viofen 'p :„
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Marks, notations and other marginalia present in the original volume will appear in this file - a reminder of this book's long journey from the
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As in both of the cases just narrated^ disease of the pancreas must have been
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shell membrane has u double contour, and measures 0*028 mm.
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from the air passages. Ipecac and senega are examples.
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fatiguing body work. The curriculum of studies in our female
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bone of the leg, called the tibia. The knee-pan can be readily
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vacters of the disease last only for a few moments, and in which the infant,
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the upper lobes should be so liable to this deposition, but why they should be
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wise the case. In accordance with this idea some arc inclined to
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meter in the rectum has sunk to 104*' F, or, in cases
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Meat contains all the elements necessary for food, though not

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