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numerous cases of black water fever have been re<
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end of the stilette can be inserted into the neck of
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foot-bath of warm carbolic-acid lotion (1-20), fojlowed
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also begin in more advanced life. It results from weakness of the
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constrained unnatural postures, and the same fixed yet vacant gaze ; but the face
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secutive passage of the spirochaetes tlirough a long
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The shoulder-blade forms joints with the collar-bone and with
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of the death of the parcut worm during an attack of lymphan-
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becomes greatly emaciated, paralytic, and completely
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onusual modifiications of functions directly dependent on the brain, ought to
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ever it is desired to stain it, either at once or at any
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physical. Hence if tli mental is only up to the average of its
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prevalence of malarial pigmentiition in the cadavers
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sex, dieease of the skin, &c^ &c. He also devotes a large space to prognosis
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Ventilation. — In no one point perhaps is so much inj
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virtue of the thousands of years during which their
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a day or two desquamation is accompanied by intense
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a fortnight's duration, followed by a stage of from
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by this means. At present the pfenus Stegomyia includes
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where there are overhanging or jungle-shaded banks.
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a mistake, since the urine contains a number of substances whicli
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the discharge has a tendency to produce orchitis, strictures, and gonorrhoea!

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