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accompanied bv weakness of the muscular fiore of the heart. But a large num-

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microscope, although their presence may readily be proved by

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rhythm is deranged. When it occurs in the progress of an acute disease, as of

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between Bacillus leprce and Bdcillus tuberculosis^ the

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Many other speakers took part in the discussion, which as seems to be

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tell the whole tale of disrupted households, for, mind you, they do

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tional Indian. Not the least of the advantages of physical exer-

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the pus, more or less altered, appearing in the stool.

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and immediately precedes the radial pulse : it has its maximum intensity over

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3. Coma frequently depends on suppurative meningitis of the convexity of

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fective drainage are favourite theories. But does it not strike

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contain the ova of one or other of three species of nematode

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fortunately, rarely fatal. In the course of three or four weeks the

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the abdominal cavity. To do this, the patient is placed upon his

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brane in front of it, and, failing to break through, retract and

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certain sexual forms (macrogametes), a phase of the

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siriasis is the early ap[>(?arance of rigor mortis. The

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blood corpuscle are often seen as a small, slightly

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particularly that form of lymphangitis associated with

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dressing should be applied after the manner described in discuss-

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ailment which may happen to affect the child — even if only an

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nerve tubules themselves. In time the affected nerves

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this: the contained fluid, which in health merely bedews the surfaces of the sac,

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impaired ; while if the injury be a dislocation, the arm remains

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turbidity, due to the rapid growth of the comma bacilli ; and

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in dog^ in from twenty-two to twenty-six days, in monkeys in

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rhage. On the left side of the ceryix, about one inch from the os uteri, was ob-

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