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of the Medical Sciences* contains the details of this case, well told, by

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The case was looked upon as possibly a mild case of typhoid, and

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to Africa was called to mind, and the forcible kidnapping and

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night, and in the morning had violent cephalalgia, with unusual loquacity.

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clined to believe that all the anemic murmurs of the left aide

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should, however, be inclined to limit the employment of this operation to

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session. Dr. Hyman Lightstone delivered the valedictory.

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<«mferred degrees on a class of eleven April 1. the address to

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per cent, solution, alters the shape of the red corpuscles,

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adopted the use of the cinchona bark, whether gangrenous symptoms were

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that all of my hearers know full well the reason. But,

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accomplished ; and at times after the child is born. In these cases we can

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known to have the same therapeutic effect as the drug,

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cars, who was struck by a railroad train at a crossing, has died

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other constitutional diseases, and give tonics. Among the

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more than 2 years ; boy, between 7 and 8 years old. Sharp kyphosis,

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wrong, as applied to the particular act, and to understand the

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floors of public buildings was recently begun by John B. Sexton,

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tion." "I afiirm that to-day with saponized coal-tar it

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onerative interference. In all of my operative cases

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bsprovement after first operation slight ; more marked after sec-

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of 46.8 typhoid deaths per 100,000 living, against 6

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urethritis or from- decomposition of the small quantity

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served. Within a period of from one to twelve hours the

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and Myers, and even in this small number its applica-

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sufficiently promising to warrant the Bureau in retaining the

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seven days. At the autopsy the kidney corresponding to the

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mote and smaller places for Academic education. And in no department do

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it disappears entirely, this generally marking the initia-

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107 Anne Murray, tbe First Trained Nurse. Ely Van De Warker.

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this Association has decided that the next annual convention

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black, edge; there was also an effusion of purulent serosity under the arach-

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